Q. What is Natural Wine?

A . Wine made the old fashioned way with minimal human or chemical intervention. Organic or biodynamic grapes.  Fermented via native yeast. Not cleaned up with chemicals. Can be cloudy, coloured or textural. Very low sulphur, generally only present as a bi-product of fermentation. How wine always was before scientists tried to make it perfect. Tastes like where it’s from.


Q. Are all the wines in the monthly subscription box natural wine?

A. Yes, Yes all of them are verified natural wines and are either organic, biodynamic and made with minimal human intervention.


Q. How much does the monthly subscription cost?

A. $80 per month


Q. When will my wines be delivered?

A. We ship to you in the first week of each month.


Q. What’s in the monthly box and can I choose my wines?

A. Each month we provide you with 3 Natural Order Wines that we choose. They wines may be consistent each month and only vary when we introduce new variatals into our stock.

Yes we offer a Mixed or Red only NOW monthly subscription option.


Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes you can. However cancellations made after the 25th of each month will be actioned for the following month as we have a cut off on the 25th of each month. The reason for this is we have purchased and allocated all stock on the 25th of each month.


Q. Can I cancel my wine subscription?

A. Send an email to hello@naturalorderwine.com.au stating you would like to cancel you monthly subscription.


Q. Is my Natural Order Wine subscription environmentally sustainable?

A. Yes we use all green friendly products for packaging and all shipping is carbon offset and neutral.


Q. Can I pause my subscription if I go away?

A. Yes please email hello@naturalorderwine.com.au with the dates you would like to suspend. You must email us prior to the 25th of the month if you would like to suspend for the following month.


Q. How do I manage my account and update any shipping or payment details?

A. You can log into your account and update them yourself using the login details you were emailed when you first signed up. Alternatively email us at hello@naturalorderwine.com.au and we can do it for you.