About Natural Order

About Natural Order

Once upon a time, a winemaker (let’s call him Pete) swapped his farm boots for boardshorts as he moved to the beaches of Byron Bay. He opened a natural wine bar there, and met many a wine-loving local. Two of these wine-loving locals (let’s call them Dan and James) would frequent the bar and wax lyrical about the magical juice until close.

Along with a keen eye for a good bottle, the pair had a serious thirst for business, and one day they asked Pete if he wanted to start a wine brand with them. They clinked a glass, shook hands, and Natural Order Wine was born.

NOW seemed like the right time. 

About our wines

We proudly curate a unique selection of natural wines from our home in Byron Bay.

We support natural winemaking practices (including biodynamic, organic and chemical-free grape growing and winemaking), independent labels, and family businesses.

We deliver six wines, along with fun and informative information that sets your tastebuds off on a magical journey.

We aim to also support conscious consumption, care for the environment and most importantly, seizing the NOW.


Pleasure to the people.