Tasting Notes: Drop.02 / August 2021

Tasting Notes: Drop.02 / August 2021


Brave New Wine
Nat Daddy 
– Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz

Style: Pet Nat
Region: Denmark, WA
Winemaker: Yoko and Andries Mostert

Emerging from the avalanche of blunt poetry that is conventional wine, many a natural winemaking star is rising from the rubble and illuminating the sky with joy and promise. “Nat Daddy” by Brave New Wine is pure pyrotechnics, with all the weeee, whoop, whizz and zoom of a funfair. A constellation wine with a bright display of aeriform pockets, peppercorn trails and berry glows. Dance beneath it and wave your arms freely.


Natural Order
Weird Nights with Donny 
– White Blend

Style: White
Region: Hunter Valley, NSW
Winemaker: Natural Order

Donny is always cool, calm and collected. The kind of wine that gently rolls out of bed dressed in a suit, ready for the presentation. And when he stands up to speak, his voice is steady like a seabed as he articulates his position on stone fruit, ceramics, flesh tones and figs. He is poetic, but direct. More arrow than glove. The type of wine that has management nodding attentively, their eyes motioning to “get that lad a corner office”.


– Trebbiano, Malvasia and Grechetto 

Style: Orange
Region: Tuscany, Italy
Winemaker: Alessandro Nalli

A blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia and Grechetto, all fermented on skins for three weeks. This is a gateway orange wine that carries tales from the Silk Road of ginger, dried florals, lemon and spice. Of sitting beneath flapping canvas, sipping green tea and toasting marshmallows (although they were called something different back then). Of sleeping beneath the stars and wondering what promise the moonlight will bring, and if your coins are safe.


Domaine Charnay
– Gamay 

Style: Fridge Red
Region: Beaujolais, France
Winemaker: Sarl Charnay

From Beaujolais with love, here’s one worth shaving your legs for. Slithering with angular infidelity, this is 100 percent Gamay, made for swimsuits on hissing summer lawns. An elegant ballet of rose petals, cherries, strawberries and a whisper of iced tea. Take it from the fridge and pair it with deck chair, a page-turner and crackling jazz.


Mountain People 
– Shiraz 

Style: Soft Red
Region: Orange, NSW 
Winemaker: Will Rikard-Bell

The winemaking style Mountain People have used here lends youthful flair and fantasy to an authoritative grape. Traditionally a style not reserved for Shiraz, whole grape bunches are fermented in a tank with carbon dioxide (known as “carbonic maceration”) for an extended time. This technique produces ribbons of bright fruit, buoyant energy and the softness of Sundays. Left behind is the ego of tannins and any unnecessary weight that could dampen the mood. 


Poderi Cellario
– Dolcetto 

Style: Red 
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Winemaker: Fausto Cellario 

Like a man with no vows nor promises to protect, Duzat is smooth, cavalier and slippery to catch. Broody and beetling, he is a highway-child galvanised by mystery, and knows there is no price to pay for pleasure. Pausing at a roadside stall, he purchases a bag of plums, a stick of liquorice and a pepper shaker, and wanders off into an arbour to rest in the shade. Wiping the last of his snack from his chin, he is satiated, and dissolves into an atmosphere of psychic integration.