Tasting Notes: Drop.01 / July 2021

Tasting Notes: Drop.01 / July 2021

Fin Wines
I’m all Ears
– Pet Nat

Style: Fizz
Region: Goulburn Valley, VIC
Winemaker: JonJo McEvoy and Oliver Johns

Do you like karate? Do you like karate and juggling? That’s kind of weird. Anyway, back to this wine. This wine is Whitney Houston when she wanted to dance with somebody. This wine is “pull over Gary, I need to run up that hill then roll back down it naked”.  This wine is that moment when life is simply trucking along like it’s on rails, and you, you are head out the window, hair a mess, and licking the wind.


Sabi Wabi
– Semillon

Style: Skin contact white
Region: Hunter Valley, NSW
Winemaker: Peta Kotz

Golden Circle pineapple juice for grown-ups that will transport you to a beach in Trinidad where there’s music in the air and a warm breeze caressing your buttocks. It’s ticklish joy, and it is the result of a great young winemaker who is married to the art of authenticity. A middle finger salute to the homogenised battery acid Hunter Valley Semillon’s of the past, this is supple seduction by the pound and is as honest as the breeze that blows.


Ca’orolgia Salarola
– Moscato Giallo/Pinot Bianco

Style: Orange
Region: Venito, Italy
Winemaker: Maria Rosellini

Out of the misty, mercurial waters arose a holy spirit with rubber hands, horned feet and lavender-coloured eyes. The spirit spoke slowly and said: “Desire is unquenchable. Fight desire not. Free yourself with joy. Find an earthen pot. Add squished cumquat. Add a pair of fresh sneakers, and many a mixed lolly. Add a tomb of poetry. And add some hair of your first love. Kiss the stars. Kick some dust. Then drink most lustfully”.


Brave New Wine
Rude Boy
– Red

Style: Fridge red
Region: Denmark, WA
Winemakers: Yoko and Andries Mostert

Once upon a time a rude boy went to a disco. He wore a cape covered with pomegranates, peppercorns and bright berry sequins. His vibe was cool. His hair was slick. And he smelt like Campari, moonlight and promise. He was angular, with features on which a more careless man could cut himself. And when he walked, he glided, as if on a high wire of silk. But he didn’t speak, for the noble use of the mouth is to sing and to sip.


– Pinot Noir

Style: Mellow red
Region: Yass, ACT
Winemaker: Sam Leyshon

There are mystics that live with pigeons, and there are grapes that write love songs. In this case, Pinot Noir be the name of the group, and the song be titled “Lay me down on the wet earth and cover my soft flesh with cinnamon, cranberry and crumpled rooibos”. Agreed the title is long, but the song will visit you in your dreams and awaken the lust within.


Natural Order
Dad’s a tripper
– Red

Style: Robust red
Region: Hunter Valley
Winemaker: Peter Windrim

Remember when you told your dad that you’re “going to the park with your bae’s to smash some crushable juice”, and he said, “you’re an idiot”? Well, what he meant was, that you should be at home watching old war films and drinking this wine with him.

“Look out! The cherries are here!” … “Take cover young’un! Those plum notes will explode!” … “Oak! We need some more oak, damnit!”

At ease, dad.