Producer Profile:

Producer Profile:

Peta Kotz, Sabi Wabi Wines – Hunter Valley, NSW

Whilst the majority of the Hunter Valley winemakers cling on to the conventionalist codes of winemaking, this young firebrand is quietly disrupting the old boys legacy one sincere wine at a time.

What do you think is the main difference between wine made by women compared to wine made by men?
I don’t believe one is necessarily ‘better’ than the other. A lot of female winemakers, however, are drawn to the sensitivity of natural winemaking. But if you tend to your vines like a garden, that is where beautiful wines should be born.

What does Sabi Wabi refer to in relation to natural wine?
To highlight the natural beauty of the aromas and flavours found naturally in wine without the need to fine tune them to ‘perfection'. These wines have kinks and quirks and you can’t create the same thing twice.

If Scomo was a wine, what would he be?
He’s a warm can of flat beer.

What wine would you drink with your last supper?
Chardonnay from Saint-Aubin, Burgundy. Symphonic, and a true representation of why Chardonnay is still the queen of white grapes. And I’m confident it’s fine to drink with a tray of hot dogs right?

What's your favourite part of the winemaking process?
All of it! Watching the first buds spring to life on the vine, the excitement of harvest, the sound of ticking ferments, right through to tasting the finished wine in bottle. It’s a beautiful journey.

What do you hope people 'feel' when they drink your wine?
Pissed! Ha. No, I hope they feel spirited and bright like the wine. I also hope they enjoy the texture. Why can we taste pineapple in your wine? You can? Semillon doesn’t traditionally taste like that, but I like that, and I put that down to the taste of the vineyard and the fact that I don’t filter and fine my wines.

Favourite person (alive or dead) that you'd most like to have a drink with?
Fox Mulder. He’d take one sip and say something steady and wizened that would inform my path.

If you were a grape, what variety would you be and why?
Rotgipfler. Few people have heard of it, and I like that as I’m a bit shy.

“These wines have kinks and quirks and you can’t create the same thing twice.”